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CNC Fabrication Specialist

CNC Machining / Welding  / Fabrication

Our Services

We located in Upland California, We served local and national-wide. 

CNC Machining

Brand new HAAS VF3SS Vertical Machining Center with auto pallet change

40" X 20" X 25" 12000RPM

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Product Design

Our designers and engineers can help you complete your design and CAM or help you design from scratch

Learn more  about design service


Our experienced welding services can meet your tough requirements on various materials

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Whether you need the first sample or mass production, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution

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Absolutely competitive services

Open 24/7

Whenever you need us, we will be ready by your side

1pc to 10000 pcs

Whether your order is only 1 piece or 10,000 pieces, we are very happy to help you

Quality Control

Guarantees to control according to your requirements

Price Match

Guaranteed low price, no matter where you go to compare


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Our Story

We are part of our family business, focusing on CNC machining design and manufacturing. We are located in Upland, Southern California. We serve various industries locally and nationwide;

We have noticed that different orders of customers have different needs and solutions. We are committed to solving various problems of various quantities and types of orders and provide overall solutions. Whether you are a small-scale short-term order or a large-scale long-term order, we All capable and enthusiastic to serve you;

For small-batch short-term orders, we produce for you in Southern California, and for large-volume long-term orders, our factories in Asia can produce for you at the allowable cost recovery time. Similarly, the quality is the same;

In our philosophy, we do not define ourselves as a factory. We feel that we are a partner of our customers. Our job is to help customers solve problems and create value. We just want to steadfastly do what we loved industry to help more customers, We are very good at controlling costs and carefully discovering and solving problems, so our production capacity, quality control, and cost control are all leading.

Get a quote

Sending your drawings including detailed requirements to our email is the fastest and correct way.

Our quotation team will reply to your email on the same day, contact you for more information or give you a quotation.

Of course, you can also call us anytime at 8 am to 8 pm daily, other times for appointment only

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